Two Chrysalids (1986) Piano duet 3 mins. ModusMusic MM 380
1st perf. Anthony Green & Derek Foster, B.M.I.C., July 1986.
Three Albumtracks (1987-90) Piano duet 8 mins.
(1. Cycle of Fifths 3 mins., 2. Medley 2 mins., 3. Re-Jig 3 mins.)
Re-Jig published separately: ModusMusic MM 383
1st complete perf. Anthony Green & Derek Foster, B.M.I.C., July 1990.


October ’64 : Mobile (1964) Piano 4 mins. *
1st perf. Derek Foster, Toynbee Hall, London E1, Apr. 1965.
other perfs. by Malcolm Fox, Anthony Green and Derek Foster
Three Bagatelles (1968) Piano 5 mins.
Piano Piece 1975 6½ mins. *
(a reworking of Three Bagatelles)
1st perf. Derek Foster, Wigmore Hall, April 1975. (see review on back cover)
other perfs. by Richard Deering, George Nicholson, Robert Coleridge, Anthony Green.
Tenuto (1975) Piano 4 mins. * ModusMusic MM 97
1st perf. Derek Foster, Bexhill Festival, Aug. 1979.
other perfs. by Catherine Nardiello, Anthony Green and Derek Foster.
Prelude-Elaboration-Precis (1971/4) Piano 6 mins.
1st perf. Derek Foster, Northampton Central Museum, Nov. 1974.
Broadcast: Derek Foster (from recording) Resonance FM, Sep. 2005
Two Folk Tunes (1974) Piano 3 mins. *                       ex-Anglian Edition
1st perf. Derek Foster, Old House Arts Centre, Brentwood, Essex, Sep. 1974.
other perfs. by Dal Strutt, John Mitchell, John Gough, Anthony Green, Richard Deering, Geraint Davies, Robert Coleridge, Tony Matthews, Katharine Durran, Nick Ray, Michael Regan, Derek Foster and various students.
Recorded by Ro Hancock-Child: Micropress/Naxos CD: download – from Spotify
Four Little Pieces (1964/8) Piano 4 mins. * @(Anglian Edn.score) ModusMusic MM 227
1st perf. Derek Foster, Leytonstone Library, London E11, May 1969.
Two Inventions (1998) Piano 3 mins. ModusMusic MM 226
1st perf. Anthony Green, B.M.I.C., July 1998
“.. real contemporary music, difficult but short and approachable”                 Piano July/Aug. 2004 (review of Four Little Pieces and Two Inventions)
Variations on a Swedish Nursery Tune (1996) Piano 5 mins. ModusMusic MM 370
Commissioned by Eva Ekehorn for Per Ekehorn’s 60th birthday.
1st concert perf. Derek Foster, B.M.I.C., March 1997.
I Demand a Recount (2003) Piano 3 mins.  ModusMusic MM 358
1st perf. Anthony Green, St. Luke’s House, Kew, Dec. 2003
“a subtle piece designed to give a pupil a good rhythmic work-out”
Piano May/June 2008           [Grade 7-8 +]
Broadcast: Derek Foster (from recording) Wandsworth Radio, Mar. 2015
Four Miniatures Piano 4 mins:
  1. Leaps and Boundaries (2007) 1 min.
  2. 7 Decades (2011) 1 min. (for Frank Bayford’s 70th birthday)
  3. Wobbly Waltz (2018) 1 min.
  4. Clickety-Click (2008)  1 min. (for Frank Bayford’s 66th birthday)
1st perfs. of 1, 4: Derek Foster, 5th All Ears festival, St. Cyprian’s London NW1, Oct. 2008,
1st perf. of 2 (1,2,4): Anthony Green,  Schott Recital Room, London W1, July 2018
1st complete perf.: Anthony Green, Friends’ Meeting House, Brighton, November 2018.
70 years (2009-10) Piano 3½ mins.
(one of 4 new companion pieces for Alkan’s Grande Sonate ‘les quatre âges’)
1st perf. Derek Foster, Trinity College of Music, Jan 2010
other perfs. by Sam Bisson and Anthony Green
“ .. memories of Webern and jazz, arranged by false starts and frustrations, but guided by an overriding resilience.” musical-pointers.co.uk
18 Sections (1988/2014) (Piano arrangement of orchestral piece) 8 mins.              
1st perf. Anthony Green, Schott Recital Room, London W1, May 2014
Soldiers March (Variations on a theme by Schumann) (2015) Piano 4 mins.      
1st perf. Derek Foster, Schott Recital Room, London W1, July 2015
In Memoriam Robert Coleridge (2019) Piano 2 mins.
1st perf Sasha Valeri Millwood Regent Hall, London W1, Nov. 2019

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