DUOS & SOLOS (not piano)

CLARINET(S) (with/without piano)

Hannafore Variations (1989) Clarinet 7 mins.
1st perf. Sue Withers, Goldsmiths College, Dec. 1990.
Also perf’d: Philip Edwards, 3rd London Wind Festival, B.M.I.C. Sep. 2000.
Three Pieces (1964) Clarinet 3 mins. ModusMusic MM 422
Promptu (1973/93) 2 clarinets 6 mins.
1st perf. Gemini (Ian Mitchell & Edward Pillinger), Essex University, Nov. 1993.
Andante (1979) Clarinet, piano 4 mins.
1st perf. Judith Koral & Derek Foster, Trent Park Music Centre, Middx., June 1979. other perfs. by Judith Koral & Derek Foster include St. Olave, Hart St., St. Mark’s Greenwich, by Peter Gosling and John Gough at B.M.I.C, Millfield House, Enfield, by Peter Cigleris and Neil Crossland at St. Mary-at-Hill

Chanctonbury Ring (1991) Clarinet, piano 3 mins. Homage to John Ireland ModusMusic MM 114
1st perf. The Alexandra Ensemble (Barbara McGregor & Sally Mays), St. Luke’s House, Kew, Nov. 1996.
Other perfs. by Philip Edwards & David Elwin and by Just Janus (Christina Parker & Dorothy Holliday) at B.M.I.C., Lauderdale House, Highgate & Wesley’s Chapel.
“.. This makes for a colourful, programmatic piece in which the piano and clarinet share the workload.”    Sheet Music Spring 2003
“.. The cantabile tone of the clarinet and typically British chording on the piano are explored to produce an interesting, though short, work.” Clarinet and Saxophone Mar. 2004

TENOR HORN (with piano)

New Road (2014)
1st perf. Karen Burnell (ten. hrn.), Derek Foster (pno.) Schott Recital Room, June 2014.

VIOLIN (with piano)

Two Pieces (2022)
1st perf. Mark Wilson (vln.), Neil Crossland (pno.) St. John Greenhill, Harrow, July 2022.

VIBRAPHONE (with/without piano)

Moonscape (1974) Vibraphone 5 mins.   ModusMusic score in preparation
Jazz Suite (1974) Vibraphone 6 mins.
Study (1983) Vibraphone 2 mins.
1st perf. Derek Foster, B.M.I.C., Nov. 1985
Meditation/Improvisation (2010) Vibraphone 5-10 mins.
1st perf. Derek Foster, Jain Temple Potters Bar, Herts. Apr. 2010
2021 version 50 mins. perf. Derek Foster to accompany online art exhibition of works by Jatin Shah for JVB London, Mar. 2021.
3 Duos (2002/5/8) Vibraphone, piano. 7½ mins.
1st perfs. by Derek Foster (vb) & Anthony Green (pno): 1. Chapel Royal, Brighton, Oct. 2002. 2. St. Anne’s Kew Green, Surrey, Jun. 2005. 3. St. Anne’s Kew, Jun. 2008
other perfs.:
1&2 Oli Mayne (vb) & Derek Foster (pno) St. Cyprian’s London NW1 Oct. 2007,
2&3 Derek Foster (vb) & Deborah Edwards (pno) Schott Recital Room, Feb. 2011.
Sigma 2 (2009) Vibraphone, piano. 3 mins.
1st perf. Derek Foster (vb) & Anthony Green (pno) St. Anne’s Kew Green, Jun. 2009.
also perf’d.: Derek Foster (vb) & Deborah Edwards (pno) Schott Recital Room, London W1, July 2011.
After a Picture by Janet Oates (2021) Vibraphone 2½ mins.
1st perf. Derek Foster, Harrow Summer Music Festival. Jul. 2021
Swingometer (2021) Vibraphone 2 mins. (Arr. of guitar piece)
1st perf. Derek Foster, Harrow Summer Music Festival. Jul. 2021


Variations on a Theme by Anthony Green (2010-11) Organ 3½ mins. ModusMusic MM 406
1st perf. William Whitehead, St. Michael’s Cornhill. Feb. 2011.
Other perfs. by Tom Bell include Oundle Festival; Birmingham Cathedral; St. Peder’s, Randers, Denmark
“.. should make an impressive effect ..” The Organ Autumn 2013
Recorded by Tom Bell on Regent Records REGCD540


Two Pieces (1982-4) Guitar 3 mins.
1. Dead Slow 2. Swingometer