LARGER ENSEMBLE (conducted)   (Flute choir – see Orchestral)
Intermediary (1984) Flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, guitar, percussion ( Vibr., small & large Tom-toms, Side drum, Bass drum, Susp. Cymb.) 13 mins.
Workshop perf. – Elsinore Ensemble/Karl Aage Rasmussen, Glasgow University, Sept 1984, (Musica Nova festival/S.P.N.M.)
1st public perf. Morley Musica Viva cond. Michael Graubart, Morley College, Jun. 1985.
Other perfs. by Morley Musica Viva cond. Michael Graubart and Nomos cond. Paul Webster.
Alone Together (1972) Flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, piano, vibraphone 11 mins.
1st perf. ensemble/George Brown, Dartington, Aug. 1972.
also perf’d: ensemble/Michael Maxwell, Richmond, Apr. 1989.
The October Country (1977) Flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano 7 mins.
ex-Anglian Edition
1st perf. Morley Musica Viva/Michael Graubart, Morley College, Jan. 1978. other perfs. at Morley College and Woodbridge,
also perf’d: London New Wind Ensemble/David Sutton-Anderson, Regent Hall London W1, Dec. 2021.
“.. explores textures and non-tonal harmonies in a concise and vivid way”  Musical Times, Dec.1984.
“.. a style that is uncompromising though not unmelodic ..”  Classical Music Weekly, Jan. 1978.
Heartless Beauty (1976) Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, piano, 2 perc (Vibr, Glock, Small & large cymbs., Side drum, Gong), with optional speaker 4 mins. Sections of incidental music to spoken text by John Paynter, other sections written by other composers.
1st perf. Puffin Island Ensemble/Diane Pratt, Greenwich Festival. Jun. 1977

SMALL ENSEMBLE (mainly unconducted)
Two Movements (1973/2006) 3.5 mins.
1st perf. Fourth Dimension String Quartet, 3rd All Ears Festival, London E2, Sept. 2006.
Also perf’d, Regency Ensemble and Ardenti Quartet.
Miniature String Quartet (2010/2022) 5 mins.
1st perf. of 2nd movement: Regency Quartet, St. Gabriel’s Halls Pimlico, Oct. 2010.
1st complete perf. Ardenti String Quartet, St. George’s Bloomsbury, London E2, Nov. 2022.
Spring Statement (2022) 5 mins.
1st perf. Ardenti String Quartet, St. George’s Bloomsbury, London E2, Nov. 2022.
Rondo Scherzando (1977) Oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, piano 4 mins.
MM score in preparation
1st perf. South London Chamber Group, Northampton, Oct. 1977.
also perf’d: Ammanati Ensemble, Enfield, June 1991.
Quartet (1991) Flute, clarinet, violin, viola 8 mins.
1st perf. Student ensemble/Paul Englishby, Goldsmiths College, June 1991.
Sigma Variations (1977) Flute, clarinet, vibraphone 5 mins.       ModusMusic MM 33
1st perf. Sigma Trio, Goldsmiths College, Nov. 1977.
other perfs. include Queens College Oxford, Chichester, Blackheath, Enfield, Greenwich Festival and B.M.I.C.
Retrospection (2005) 2 Cornets, tenor horn in E flat, euphonium 12 mins.
1st perf. 4Tune, 2nd All Ears contemporary music festival, London E2, Sep. 2005
Devotions (2009) Flute, oboe, tenor horn, vibraphone, violin, cello 3½ mins.
1st perf. Contakt, St. Gabriel’s Pimlico, London SW1, Nov. 2009
Elegy (2003) Wind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon) 2 mins.
1st perf. Forum Wind Quintet, Royal Academy of Music, Apr. 2003.
Also perf’d by London Myriad Ensemble in 2017 at Putney and Lauderdale House.
Added Notes; Free Association (2007) Four clarinets (3Bflats+bass) 3 mins.
1st perf. Strassenbahnhaltstelle Quartet, Guildford Castle grounds, Surrey, Aug. 2007
1st concert perf. London Chamber Group Clar. Qrt., St. Cyprian’s London NW1, Oct.07
Studio Piece (2010) Oboe, violin, cello, perc. 5 mins.
1st perf. Contakt, Acme Studios, London, E14, Oct. 2010
Letting Go (2012) Oboe, tenor horn, cello, vibraphone, 2 perc. 8 mins.
1st perf. Contakt, Mile End Arts Pavillion, London E3, Jul. 2012
Midsummer Night Extreme (2014) ‘after Mendelssohn’ Oboe, tenor horn, cello, 2 pianos 5 mins
1st perf. Contakt, Schott Recital Room, London W1, Jun. 2014
Cage is a Four-letter Word (2015) Recorder/conductor, oboe, tenor horn, cello, piano/vibraphone 4½ mins
1st perf. Contakt, The Rag Factory, London E1, Mar. 2015
Old Street (2016) Flute, clarinet, horn (or tenor horn) 3 mins
1st perf. COMA Winds, Hoxton Hall, London N1, Mar. 2016
Also perf’d by London Myriad Ensemble in 2017 at Putney and Lauderdale House.
It Was Fifty Years Ago Today (2017) Flute, electic guitar, cello, piano, perc. 4 mins
1st perf. Contakt, Schott Recital Room, London W1, Mar. 2017
Performance Instructions (2019) (partly improvised). Vocalist, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, perc.
1st perf. to be by Contakt, St. Gabriel’s Pimlico, London SW1, May 2019
Pointillist Waves (2010) (Text piece for 4-7 instruments) c.10 mins.
1st perf. Contakt, house concert in Teddington, Middx. Jun. 2010

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