CHORAL (with instruments)

Ode to Saint Cecilia (1974) Choir, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones 6 mins. (words Nicholas Brady)  Commissioned by the Saint Cecilia Press. 
1st perf. Morley College Choir & instrumentalists/Michael Graubart, Southwark Cathedral, March 1975      ex-Anglian Edition

No Holds Barred (2016) Small chorus, 4-part ‘open score’ instruments 3 mins. (words Ann Wolff) 
1st perf. COMA Singers/Janet Oates, Contakt, Hoxton Hall, London N1, March 2016


Cover-Up (2018) Chorus (singing, speaking, other vocalisations) 6 mins. (words from public statements)
1st perf. The Vocal Constructivists, dir. Jane Alden, cond. Simon Walton, Cafe Oto, London E8. May 2018


Provocations (2006) Solo S.A.T.B. 8 mins. (words composer)
1. Twelve-note Therapy (alto, bass) 3½ min.       2. The Minute Waltz Hotline (SATB) 1 min.
3. On the Train
(SATB) 3½ min.
2&3: 1st perf. Caroline Lenton-Ward, Karen Fodor, Vernon Kirk, Richard Fallas, 3rd All Ears contemporary music festival. The Warehouse, London SE1, Sept. 2006

Drinking Song (1979) 2 Baritones, 2 flutes, oboe, 2 trumpets, piano 4 mins. (folksong arrangement)
1st perf. Students, Morley College, Jun. 1979

Songs of Innocence (1975) Contralto, clarinet, piano 5 mins. (words Blake)
1st perf. Dal Strutt, Peter Owen & Derek Foster, East Ham Town Hall, Dec. 1975.
Songs of Innocence (1975/87) Soprano, clarinet, piano 5 mins. ModusMusic MM 10
1st perf. Microcosmos, The Barn Church, Kew, March 1987.
other perfs. by Microcosmos, Trio Chalumeau, the Alexandra Ensemble and Just Janus include London College of Music, Cambridge, Hampstead, Wesley’s Chapel London.

The Home (1975/90) Soprano, E flat clarinet 4 mins. (words Tagore)

Letter (1968) Speaker, piano 1 min. (words Jack Kerouac)
1st perf. Malcolm Dedman & Derek Foster, Brunel University, Dec. 1968                                                    other perfs. by Dal Strutt, Frank Bayford and Paul Burnell with the composer.

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